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Next Level Racing Flight Simulator (NLR-S018)

Next Level Racing Flight Simulator (NLR-S018)


Aircraft cockpit for home simulator, suitable for all types of sim aviation


    Product Information - Flight Simulator
    Airplane cockpit for maximum reality in your home
    Inspired by real cockpits with harnesses and red accents
    Compatible with input devices such as joysticks, joysticks, rudder and thrust levers from all major brands
    Includes mouse and keyboard mount
    Numerous adjustment options for your most comfortable seating position
    Includes buttkicker adapter, four-point harness and lumbar support

    Flight simulator cockpit for your home
    Next Level Racing Flight Simulator Simulator Cockpit brings commercial and military aviation to your home . It's completely in the Next Level Racing look and at the same time reminds you of a real jet.

    The platform was specially developed for the use of flight simulators in order to be able to give you the best possible result. Mounting brackets and recesses were planned and integrated for realistic seating positions , which are guaranteed to make your next flight adventure appear like a real scheduled flight or a dog fight. You can assemble exactly the controls you need to perfectly control your plane.

    Design paired with durability
    The basic structure of the Next Level Racing Flight Simulator is made entirely of metal and offers you extremely good stability - even during the most heated flight maneuvers. The materials used in the seat are based on those of a real airplane so that you feel comfortable even on longer flights . The high-quality, high-density foam protects your back and you enjoy maximum comfort . The base and backrest of the seat are made of a combination of PU synthetic leather and suede.

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    14 Day return and refund period

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